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Col. Frederick Hambright Family

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    I wish to thank all who had a part in helping in this project.  Especially my wife who has had to put up with my aggravations in learning this work.

   One of the main goals of the Colonel Frederick Hambright Family is to maintain and try to preserve the Old Shiloh Presbyterian Cemetery where Colonel  Frederick Hambright is interned.  This is, and will be, an ongoing endeavor for many years to come with a lot of financial needs.   Any and all contributions are welcomed.  Only in the last few years has the Hambright family been able to secure the cemetery to prohibit unlawful dumping and vandalism and to start preserving the existing headstones.  Many trees have been trimmed and/or removed and road work performed.  Mowing, trimming and leaf removal with other work is done several times a year.  Volunteers are needed.
   Help preserve Old Shiloh Presbyterian Cemetery thru the Historic Shelby Foundation  and  have your contributions TAX deductible.

   This web site is designed to store information, give announcements of reunions, cemetery work dates, posting of new and old photos, genealogy, etc. of  the Colonel Frederick Hambright family.   A way for the extended Hambright family to find, locate, communicate with each other and to see what other family members are doing.  The Hambright family has been hosting a family reunion each and every year since 1946.  The family reunion is hosted on the weekend closest to the Anniversary of the Battle of Kings Mountain which is October 7th.  You can always visit here and select “Special Events” on their QUICKLINKS and go to the month of October for activities at the Park.  

  This page, “ABOUT  US”, will have information about the Hambright Family, what it is trying to do as far as Reunions, Committees, Shiloh Cemetery Accomplishments etc.  The Reunion Elected Officers  and contacts for different areas may be posted here.
Also!  What we are trying to accomplish on this web site.