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These pages represent genealogy data for many ancestors and descendants of Col. Frederick Hambright who emigrated from Germany to America.   This data is focused on Col. Frederick Hambright descendants and the many allied families.  Although great care has been taken, there is no guarantee to the accuracy of ALL information.   Please use the genealogy data as a rough guide.  The genealogy was created by many different hands over decades of time and needs to be verified by you!   These pages are a work in progress, which are updated as information is presented.  If you would like to comment, share new information, or request needed corrections, please click on the “Contact Us” page and submit your information using either contact form.

     [Mary Dover]   As he recuperated from his severe battle wound, he was nursed by a young neighbor, Mary Dover.  The following year, Frederick and Mary Dover (b Jan. 9, 1762 - d May 5, 1835/36) daughter of John Dover, were married July 17, 1781 in York County, SC at the home of his friend, Arthur Patterson, Sr.  Later a two-story weather boarded log house was built near the site of the log cabin and the historic battleground.  This is where he lived and spent the remainder of his life until his death on March 9, 1817 at the age of 90.  Frederick and Mary are buried at the Old Shiloh Presbyterian Church Cemetery, where he was an Elder, located in Cleveland County, one mile east of Grover, NC. They parented ten children, eight living to maturity:  Henry m. widow Anna Stewart;  Mary “ Polly“, m. Reese Price; Sophia, m. William Quinn; David, m. Sarah Jane Graham; Josiah, m. Elizabeth Moss; Charlotte “Lotsie”, m. Alex Norton; Susannah, m. William Dickson; Abner, single.  

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