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Col. Frederick Hambright Family

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Hambright DNA Project
 "I am thankful for our Hambright genealogists and officers who have organized regular family reunions in honor of our ancestor Col. Hambright.  I wish the descendants of all of my other ancestors cared as much about their family history and were as well organized as my Hambright cousins.
 "Since patrilineal descendants of so many of my other ancestors have had their DNA tested, I wonder why no patrilineal descendant of Col. Hambright has had his DNA tested yet.
 "I learned so much about my mother's and my own patrilineal ancestors from having the Y-DNA of a Martin cousin and my own Y-DNA tested two years ago that I wish that I had done so when DNA testing first became available over ten years ago.
 "One of Col. Hambright's cousins may have already had his DNA tested.  We will never know unless a patrilineal descendant of Col. Hambright has his DNA tested too (the sooner the better).  If one does, we may learn more about Col. Hambright's ancestors from his distant cousins, etc. than we ever dreamed possible.
 "If a patrilineal descendant of Col. Hambright telephones Family Tree DNA at (713) 868-1438, 9A-7PM EST, 8A-5PM CST, M-F and orders a $268.00 Y-DNA67 test, a DNA sample collection kit will be delivered to him within a week or two.  Test results may be available within two months.  He will receive a discounted price if he joins a DNA Project before he orders the test.
 "The Hambright DNA Project is at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/hambright/default.aspx
 "Testing at the Y-DNA67 level may help us find Col. Hambright's cousins and descendants, even if some of them have adopted another surname.
 "Testing with any company but FTDNA would be a mistake.
Dear Hambright Cousin,

Congratulations on having the Hambright Y-DNA tested, and for posting your test results at http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Hambright/default.aspx?section=yresults . Are you a descendant of Missouri Hudspeth and John Wells Hambright, a great grandson of my gggggGpa Col Frederick Hambright?
 I am glad that you had your DNA tested by FtDNA, the company with the largest Y-DNA database.
 A family as old and venerable as Col Frederick Hambright's needs to know his Y-DNA67 signature. We can obtain a better idea of what that genetic signature is if a descendant of a different son of Col Hambright has his DNA tested at the Y-DNA67 level too. That will help us identify any mutations that have occurred during the last few centuries.
 Your test results may provide clues that will help the excellent genealogists of our family to identify more of our patrilineal cousins, even those who have different surnames because they were adopted, etc. People who match at the Y-DNA67 level are certainly genetic cousins, even if they have different surnames. For example, if someone named John Brown matches a Hambright at the Y-DNA67 level, the Brown is either a Hambright or vice versa. Some men named Hambright may not even know that they descend from Col Frederick Hambright. Y-DNA67 level testing may help determine who belongs to which branch of our Hambright family.
 Many people upgrade to the Y-DNA67 level during an FtDNA sale. Sales usually occur when business slows down, e.g., during the summer and Christmas holidays.
 Thanks to you, we now have more anthropological information about gggggGpa Col Frederick Hambright's patrilineal ancestors, e.g., that they were Celtic, not Germanic or Viking Germans. This opens up a story that goes back to the first civilized farmers in the world and beyond for over 100,000 years.
 Col Hambright's genetic signature may help us to identify his patrilineal cousins who still live in Germany, if any survived the war crimes committed against German civilians during and after the World Wars. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgenthau_Plan and http://www.johnsack.com/an_eye_for_an_eye_corroboration.htm . Were atrocities against German civilians who lived in the part of Germany that was annexed by Poland after World War I are as much to blame for World War II and tens of millions of deaths as England's declaration of war against Germany?
 Harmless mutations make it possible for us to determine our Genetic Distance (GD) from each other and from our ancestors. Otherwise DNA testing for genealogical purposes would be useless. Diana Gale Matthiesen is a retired zoologist/paleontologist. Her hobby is genealogy. She wrote the following wisdom. "...at 67 markers, you can expect roughly one mutation every seven generations... two mutations within three or four generations is not uncommon ...  See http://dgmweb.net/genealogy/DNA/y-dna-projects/TMRCA.shtml and Understanding the Time Predictor at http://www.familytreedna.com/faq-tip.aspx
First Hambright DNA Test Results