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Col. Frederick Hambright Family

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This is a page devoted to books and other articles that have been found to have stories or information about Col. Frederick Hambright and the Hambright family.
on Col. Frederick Hambright and Family

Leaves from the Family Tree  by Penelope Johnson Allen
The Hambrights Family  by Paul Grier (ship passenger list-Germany-Hans Wilhem   Hambrecht)
Our Kin  History of Hambrights and Hoffman by Laban Miles Hoffman, pg. 533
German Speaking People West of the Catawba River in North Carolina 1750-1800  , pgs. 213-214, by Lorena Shell Eaker (Mrs.Odis C.) (Hambrights and Whisenhunt)
Colonial Soldiers of the South, 1732-1774  by Murtie June Clark
One Heroic Hour at King;s Mountain  by Pat Alderman
Historical Statements concerning The Battle of King's Mountain and The Battle of the   Cowpens  by 70th Congress, 1st Session - House Document No. 328
The Battle of Kings Mountain 1780 -  With Fire and Sword  by Wilma Dykeman
The Patriots at King's Mountain  , pgs. 106-107, by Bobby Gilmer Moss
The Pictor - Field-Book of the American Revolution   volume II by Benson J. Lossing
King's Mountain and Its Heroes  by Lyman C Draper
The King's Mountain Men   by Katherine Keogh White
Kings Mountain Walking Tour Guide  by Robert M. Dunkerly
Commanders at Kings Mountain   by Rev. J.D. Bailey
The Conquest of The Old Southwest  by Archibald Henderson
The Overmountain Men  by Pat Alderman
The Shoe Cobbler's Kin  by Lorena Shell Eaker (Mrs.Odis C.)
Lincoln County Heritage 1997  by Lincoln County, North Carolina Heritage Society
The Colonial Frederick Hambright Family  pg. 18, by Bonnie Mauney Summers
Catoosa County, Georgia Heritage 1853-1998  by Catoosa County Heritage Society
Official History of Catoosa County, Georgia 1853-1953  by Susie Blaylock McDaniel   
An Official History of Whitfield County, Georgia 1852-1999  by Whitfield-Murray Historical Society
Texas Confederate Home Roster  by Davis, Deveresaux, and Ericson

Other books on the Hambright Family:

Two Early Hambrights  of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Whisnants through the Ages  by Raymond Carl Whisnant
The Hambrights of Tennessee  by John Morgan Wooten
East Tennessee and the Civil War   by Oliver P. Temple
People and Events of the American Revolution  by Draper
Counting Kindred  by E. and M. Deppen
Roster of North Carolina Soldiers  p 488, by DAR of North Carolina, Gertrude May Sloan Hay
Tennessee Cousins  by Worth S. Ray