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Col. Frederick Hambright Family

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Welcome to the Col. Frederick Hambright Family web site.  This site is devoted in keeping up with existing and new found information on the descendants of Col. Frederick Hambright, making announcements of events, displaying different photos of those events, cemeteries, old homes, old Hambright photos, etc.  We encourage everyone who has found our web site to enjoy and use any and all information found here within these pages.  All information is the combined effort of many people and we ask you give credit where credit is due. This site will also be used to get information to living Hambright Family.



Colonel Frederick Hambright

    Born Freiderick Hamprecht in Neunstetten, Germany, May 17, 1727 (d May   , 1817), eleven year old Frederick Hambright and family members arrived in Philadelphia October 27, 1738 aboard the English ship St. Andrews, Captain Steadman, master. ....


     As an early advocate of American independence, there are numerous references to Col. Frederick Hambright’s civil and patriotic services on the pages of county and North Carolina State histories, and in official records....  He entered the Revolutionary War in 1777 serving in several campaigns prior to distinguishing himself on October 7, 1780 as the Commander of the Lincoln County Militia at the Battle of Kings Mountain.  Near the close of the battle, the 53 years old Hambright had already received three bullets through his hat, and was shot through his thigh, cutting some arteries.  


     Frederick married twice,  first  in his early twenties to  Sarah Hardin (b 1733 - d prior to Oct 1780 ), daughter of Sarah Elizabeth and Benjamin Hardin, II of Virginia.  And Mary Dover (b Jan. 9, 1762 - d May 5, 1835/36) daughter of John Dover, were married July 17, 1781 in York County, SC at the home of his friend, Arthur Patterson, Sr.

(Complete biography can be found here.)

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